Your front door is the first thing guests see when they arrive on your porch and wait for you to answer the door.  Your front door is not only the entry into your beloved house, it’s one the most defining factors of your home.  Your front door is what helps make your house a home.

There are a ton of different types of doors available to the average homeowner, but you should choose a door for your home that represents you and your family. Your door should be welcoming and inviting, and it should also be safe and comforting.

So what type of door do you choose? This really is a factor that can vary depending on your tastes. While we prefer a wooden door for the front door of your home, this does not mean that a wooden door is right for you.

We’ve put together a quick overview of what qualities stand out in a wooden door and why they could be valuable to having the perfect front door for your home.

Let’s take a look.


Regardless of whether wood doors have the same style or design features, each door is individual and unique. How? Well, wood is a very unique substance. It can have different markings and different colorings, as well as different grain designs within the wood.

You can have two doors that are designed to be exactly alike and yet they will both have their own unique features in some way. It’s really quite amazing! Using a wood door is the perfect way to make a unique statement and you will never have to worry about someone else’s door looking exactly the same as yours.

You can choose a wood door that matches your personality or even your décor. You can choose different types and colors of wood, and you can choose your own unique wood pattern out of a set of a specific style.

This happens because wood is natural and when doors are made out of wood, that natural character is unchanged. Your door will be beautiful and be 100% your own style in the same manner.


Every wood door is unique but there are also many particular builds and varieties to choose from. You can choose something solid and simple or you can choose something elegant and luxurious.

The choice is really up to you. Just about any look can be achieved with wood and you can even have a custom door made for you. If you consider all the different wooden doors you’ve seen at businesses, traveling, shopping, and homes, have you ever seen wooden doors that are even the same style?

They can be shaped and styled in so many ways. You can get any size or shape of door as well. If you have specific measurements to work with, no problem! If you have a design or a dream style in mind, no problem! You can achieve anything with a wooden door!

On top of all of these other factors, you can also find a variety of types of wood and colors to work with. For example, walnut, cherry, and oak are pretty popular options. Walnut is sturdy and durable and it can be stained to whatever color hue you prefer as well.


There are a number of door companies out there. Companies that create the doors and companies that make the doors, and companies that sell the doors. There are also companies that dabble in all of these scenarios and they do it well.

Many of these companies have been working in the industry for a lot of years and have experience with what works and what doesn’t. Trust the experts to help guide you through the process as you consider your door.

Wood is a durable material for doors. It can be treated for weather so that it will be reliable no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Wood doors are designed to be heavy and sturdy. They are safe, secure, and reliable and can often remain in place for a lot of years if you choose a high-quality wooden door for your setting.


Any door can really be customized but achieving customization is so much easier with a wood door. This is because wood is easy to cut, place, and adapt or shape to your design. Wood is the perfect solution when you want a custom build or design because it makes designs more achievable.

Think about it, when you walk through those door aisles at a hardware store, you see a lot of fiberglass and metal doors that are all standard and uniform. They all look exactly the same. That’s because they are factory made in bulk. There is little to no customization, apart from special sizing needs.

It’s not the same with wooden doors. While a style could be produced in bulk, they are still unique. Of course, then you can take it up a level even and customize your door and have it built to your tastes.


Wood may not be the solution for every front door but it is an ideal choice for many. Whether you choose wood is entirely up to you, but if you’re considering changing doors then you may want to think about these factors as you make a decision.

Here’s to a beautiful new front door for your home!