When you look at the door to your home or your office space, do you feel like it is welcoming to guests and is giving your home good curb appeal? 

Doors are the entry way to your home. They are often a focal point of passers-by and they can also make a pretty big statement. 

It is so easy to simply go purchase the same stock item door that hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of other people have bought in the past, but that door might not do your entryway justice. Did you know that a door can be personalized, and custom made just for you?  Personalizing a door does not mean that you have to customize every last aspect of the build, but there are a number of ways to customize your new front entrance door to make it as unique as you are. 

Below, you will find our tips for using glass to customize your door.

Style and Preference

To start, you need to bring your own style and preference to the doorway. This space and the designing aspect of it, it is all about you. Custom glass panels can be made and those panels can be installed as a DIY project or you can bring in a professional team for the design and install. The choice is up to you.

Never lose your unique style as part of this process, though. You can choose fabricated panels but you can also choose pre-made panels. Think of this as the perfect opportunity to customize the space.

Find a unique pattern or style, or create your own custom design, to bring your character to the glass and truly make it your own. This is the perfect opportunity for light, color, and design to show through in the way that you choose.

Don’t Forget Privacy

While you want your glass and your doors to be stylish and elegant in your own unique way, you also want to remember that your front door is a means of privacy for your home. Your door can make a statement without revealing all of the personal details of your inner sanctuary.

If you like a specific design or style, consider adding color or blurring the glass so it is not completely opaque. You can have glass in the doorway and the surrounding space and still maintain the privacy of your home. In fact, privacy is a very important element that you should  always keep in mind.

Some glass will provide a safety rating or a privacy rating so you know just how effective the privacy level of the glass is. You should make decisions based on this number. There is a scale from 1-10 with 7-10 providing high privacy, and 0-3 providing low privacy.

Get the Real Picture

It’s almost impossible to really know what the glass will look like in or around your door without actually placing it. While you can’t usually “try it before you buy it” when it comes to glass around a door, you can try utilizing pictures and drawings to get a real feel for the space. Some door companies will draw you up a scenario so you can picture it. Alternatively, there are tools available that let you review a design of glass and test it out.  Check out DIY and home improvement apps too, some phone apps have incredible capability when it comes to generating a picture of your custom masterpiece. 

Don’t just jump in without really trying to get a feel for the picture of the design and how it will work with your space. It would be incredibly disappointing to choose a design and then it just didn’t work well after you purchased, custom designed it, and then paid for install. 

While you may be limited, do what you can to get a real picture of how everything will look.

Put Your Design to Action

Once you have gone through the process, you should work to put your design into place. At Basnight, we pride ourselves on being able to provide custom solutions. Be sure to reach out and see how we can help you.

Bringing your door design to life is our greatest pleasure. Whether you choose to use us or another door company, this is the step where you take your design choices and have them created and installed. Take your colors, patterns, personal style, and privacy and bring them to life.

Adding glass cutouts surrounding your door or even as part of a custom door design will ultimately spruce up your space and give it quite the aesthetic.


If you’re not sure how you could possibly customize your door space without starting over, just remember that adding a new door, or adding glass to an existing door, is a simple solution that can give your entire entyway a new look. Glass is simple, but elegant, and it can give a drab space a beautiful makeover.