It is not every day that you pick out new commercial bathroom stalls (also called toilet partitions), so it can be difficult to know that you are making the right choice. However, it is important that you find the partitions that work best for your business. Here is a quick guide on how to pick the right commercial bathroom stalls.


Designing around Your Budget

There are commercial bathroom stalls ready and available for every kind of budget that you might be trying to accommodate. The chosen partition material may factor into the bottom line of your project. If you want to save money on your partition choice, you might decide on a sturdy plastic offering. Alternatively, stainless steel or powder-coated steel commercial bathroom stalls are available for those who might have a slightly larger budget. Within each material choice, there are higher and lower cost ranges based on the brand you choose. No matter what your financial limitations or material preferences are, it is possible to find the right commercial bathroom style for you with patience and help.


Privacy is Key

One of the primary characteristics to consider when choosing commercial bathrooms stalls is the privacy your stall type provides. You want to choose a set of commercial bathroom stalls that are known for having reliable locks and sufficient privacy between partitions. This can help make your consumers feel more comfortable while also minimizing liability issues that accompany insecure partitions. Take notice of the reviews that are available, the professional recommendations you may encounter, and any opportunities that arise to allow you to view the stalls in person. This will help you to ensure that you have stalls that provide privacy to your guests and peace of mind to you that consumers are safe when using the bathroom.

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Optimize Around the Space You Have

It is important that you choose the right style of commercial bathroom stall to fit your available bathroom spaces. You want to ensure that you have enough stalls to meet the traffic needs of your commercial building, which might mean opting for smaller partitions if you are limited in terms of space. Consider the additional elements that you will need to incorporate into your bathroom design; there will have to be plenty of remaining room for sinks, hand dryers, and other bathrooms staples. You will also need to account for the space required to fit at least one handicapped stall in your commercial bathroom or ensure that your bathroom is otherwise accessible to individuals with a disability.

Be sure that you are following the bathroom regulations and codes for your commercial building’s bathrooms. These may vary by state and by commercial building type; for example, the regulations in your state may vary between restaurants and retail stores. These may also require a stall limit that you will need to account for. A professional of doors and hardware services should be up-to-date on these regulations in your area.

Once you determine how much space you can comfortably afford and how many stalls you need to fill this space, you can choose a set of commercial bathroom stalls that meet the needs of your business and your space.


Consult a Professional

The insight and advice of an expert can be invaluable to you as you work to find the right commercial bathroom stall for your business. An expert can help you factor all of the variables together to decide what is best for you, your building, your budget, and your business. It is also helpful to have a professional reference to answer all of your questions and to guide you through the buying and installation process.

If you are seeking help in finding or picking out your new commercial bathroom stalls, speak with the professionals at Basnight and Sons. With over 90 years of experience, our professionals know exactly how to navigate the world of bathroom stalls and partitions, as well as all of your other commercial building needs. Contact our experts to get started today.