Specialty Doors & Frames

To complement Basnight’s Commercial Door and Frame line we offer the highest quality Integrated Doors, Traffic Doors, Aluminum Doors & Frames, Fiberglass Reinforced Panel Doors, Folding Doors, Accordion Doors, Blast Doors, Bullet-proof Doors, Pocket Doors, Sliding Doors, Impact Doors, Bypassing Doors, Sound Doors, Access Doors, and Roof Hatches.

Air Louvers

Basnight & Sons collaborates closely with Air Louvers, a vendor specializing in Specialty Door Frames. With a legacy spanning over 55 years, Air Louvers has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of louvers and vision lites for the wood and hollow metal door industry. Their reputation is founded on the pillars of producing quality products and providing exceptional service. This reputation is further reinforced by a network of knowledgeable manufacturers’ representatives spanning the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Central, and South America. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons enables access to Air Louvers’ specialized door frame solutions, allowing clients to enhance their spaces with reliable and well-crafted products while benefiting from Air Louvers’ extensive experience and commitment to excellence.

Door Vision Lites
  • Slimline Series – Low Profile Vision Lites
  • EZline Series – Beveled Vision Lites
  • Thrubolt Series – Square Profile Vision Lites
  • Thrubolt Detention Series -VLFS10 and VLFS10SP
  • Hurricane Series Vision Lite PAKs
  • FRM Series – Framed Mullions for Transoms and Sidelites
Door Louvers
  • 800 Series – Standard Inverted “Y” Blade Louver
  • 1900A Series – Fire-Rated Adjustable “Z” Blade Louver
  • 600 Series – Inverted “V” Blade Louver
  • 700A Series – Inverted Split “Y” Blade Louver
  • 900 Series – “Z” Blade Louver
  • 900 FPL – Galvanneal Exterior “Z” Blade Louver – With Bird Screen
  • 1300 Series – Aluminum Inverted “V” Blade Louver
  • 1100 Series – Adjustable “Z” Blade Louver
  • 1200A Series – Twin “Z” Blade Adjustable Louver
  • 1400 Series – Stormproof Aluminum “Z” Blade Louver
  • 1500A Series – Inverted Split “Y” Blade Louver – With Security Grille Both Sides
  • 1900ASG Series – Fire-Rated Adjustable “Z” Blade Louver – With Security Grille
  • 1500AHR Series – Hurricane-Rated Inverted Split “Y” Blade Louver
Door Glazing
  • Pyran Platinum F- 3/16″ Ceramic Glazing – PPF
  • WireShield – 1/4″ Filmed Wired Glazing – WS
  • Safety-Rated 1/4″ Tempered Glazing – TEMP
  • PyroGlasShield – 20 Minute 1/4″ Tempered Glazing – PYRO
  • ContraShield 45- Fire-Protective Glazing – CT45
  • ContraShield Series – 60 and 90 – Fire-Resistive Glazing – CT60 & CT90
  • ArmrShield Series – Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Glazing – ARM
  • Ballistics Resistant Glass – BRG
  • Insulated Glazing – INSU
  • Laminated Safety Glazing – LAMI
  • LGShield – Lead-Lined Glazing – LEAD

Anemostat Door Products

Basnight & Sons collaborates with Anemostat, a leading vendor specializing in Specialty Door Frames. Anemostat holds the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of metal vision frames and door louvers in North America. With a foundation rooted in over seventy-five years of experience in the Air Distribution/HVAC industry, Anemostat’s Door Products Company has risen as a frontrunner in product quality, engineering, and development for over fifty years. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons provides access to Anemostat’s range of Specialty Door Frames, enabling clients to enhance their doors with top-quality metal vision frames and door louvers while benefiting from Anemostat’s extensive experience and leadership in the field.
Vision Frames
  • Standard Metal Vision Frames
  • Round and Custom Vision Frames
  • French Door Grilles
  • Specialty Metal Vision Frames
  • Security Metal Vision Frames
  • StormPro-HR™ Hurricane Rated Metal Vision Frame
  • LoPro™-STC Sound Rated Metal Vision Frame
  • UL Fire Ratings
Door Louvers
  • Standard Door Louvers
  • Specialty Door Louvers
  • Security Door Louvers
  • UL Fire Ratings
Glazing Products
  • Fire & Safety Rated Glazing Products
  • Safety Rated Glazing Products
  • Fire Rated Glazing Products
  • Impact Rated Glazing Products
  • X-Ray Protection Glazing Products
  • UL Fire Ratings


Basnight & Sons collaborates with Eliason Corporation, a prominent vendor specializing in specialty door frames. Eliason Corporation has garnered decades of recognition as a premier manufacturer of custom door solutions. With a strong focus on customer collaboration, Eliason proudly tailors door solutions to each environment and set of specifications. Whether assisting in designing a new facility, remodeling existing spaces, or simply replacing a single door, Eliason acknowledges the uniqueness of each customer’s needs. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons facilitates access to Eliason’s specialty door frames, enabling clients to acquire customized door solutions that align with their individual requirements, while benefiting from Eliason’s expertise and commitment to tailored excellence.

Commercial Hollow Metal Doors
  • Embossed
  • Manhattan
  • Arch Top
  • Arch Top Plank
  • Colonial
  • Top Blank
  • 9 Light
  • Craftsmen
  • Princeton
  • Top Blank
  • Sunburst
  • Classic
  • Narrow
  • True 8′
  • 9 Panel
  • Cross-Buck
Hollow Metal Door Frames
  • 3-Sided
  • 4-Sided (Access)
  • Borrowed (Wall)
  • Borrowed Lights (Special)
  • Corner Posts
  • Custom
  • Borrow Light (Floor Level)
  • Sidelight Frame (Left)
  • Full Light
  • Half-Lights
  • Multiple Opening
  • Sidelight Frame (Both Sides)
  • Transom Frame
  • Transom Sidelight Frame (Left)
  • Transom Frame with Sidelights
Specialty Hollow Metal Frames
  • 2 Piece Slip
  • 4 sided (Access)
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Communicating
  • Detention
  • Double Egress
  • Dutch Door Frame
  • Hospital Stops
  • Kerfed
  • Lead Lined
  • Pocket Door Frames
  • Radius/Angled
  • Sound (STC)
  • Stainless
  • Wind

Ceco Door

Basnight & Sons has established a distribution partnership with Ceco Door, a prominent player in the manufacturing of steel door and frame solutions. Ceco Door specializes in producing robust and secure steel doors and frames that cater to a wide spectrum of needs in healthcare, institutional, commercial, and industrial construction projects. Their offerings align with the essential requirements for safety, security, and aesthetics within various construction ventures. Ceco Door’s comprehensive line includes both custom and standard hollow metal doors and frames, tailored to accommodate the demands of new constructions as well as retrofit projects. This collaboration between Basnight & Sons and Ceco Door enables the distribution of these high-quality steel door and frame solutions to the critical infrastructure, healthcare, commercial, and educational sectors.
  • Asphaltic Undercoating
  • Communicating Frame Profile
  • Custom Frame Profiles
  • Decorative Frame Profile
  • E119 Fire Resistive Frame
  • KD SideLight
  • Mercury Thermal Break Frames
  • Security SideLite Frame
  • Series BQ, BU, BR, BC (Before Drywall)
  • Series BQW, BRW (Before Drywall Kerf)
  • Series DQ, DR, DC (Drywall)
  • Series DQB, DUB, DRB, DCB (Drywall Nailer)
  • Series DQW, DRW (Drywall Kerf)
  • Series DU (Drywall)
  • Series SE1, SE2 (Double Egress)
  • Series SQ, SR, SC (Masonry)
  • Series SQW, SRW (Masonry Kerf)
  • Series SU (Masonry)
  • Applied Moldings
  • ArmorShield Bullet Resistant System
  • Attack Resistant Opening
  • Attack Resistant Retrofit Kit
  • Blast Resistant Openings
  • Blast and Hurricane Resistant Assembly
  • ColorStyle Factory Prefinish
  • EMI-RFI Shielding Assembly
  • Factory Installed Glazing
  • Flood Resistant Assembly
  • Forced Entry Bullet Resistant Assembly
  • Fuego
  • High Definition Embossed Panel Doors
  • Hurricane Resistant Opening
  • Imperial
  • Lead Lined Opening
  • Legion
  • MAXIM School Doors
  • ArmorShield Bullet Resistant System
  • Attack Resistant Opening
  • Attack Resistant Retrofit Kit
  • Blast Resistant Openings
  • Blast and Hurricane Resistant Assembly
  • EMI-RFI Shielding Assembly
  • Flood Resistant Assembly
  • Forced Entry Bullet Resistant Assembly
  • Lead Lined Opening
  • Sound Tech Xpress Acoustical Systems
  • Stainless Steel Openings
  • Water Resistant Opening

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