Bathroom Partitions & Accessories

Basnight is a full service distributor of quality Toilet Partitions, Washroom Accessories, Handicap Grab Bars, Towel Bars, Fire Extinguishers, and Fire Cabinets. We offer quick quotes, assistance with material selection, and field measurements.


Basnight & Sons collaborates with Potter Roemer, a leading producer and supplier of interior hose and standpipe equipment, cabinets, connections, and valves to the fire protection industry since 1937. This partnership allows Basnight & Sons to provide access to Potter Roemer’s extensive range of fire protection equipment and accessories, enabling clients to enhance their spaces with reliable and high-quality solutions backed by Potter Roemer’s long-standing expertise and commitment to the fire protection industry.

Cabinets for Architectural Applications
  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Fire Valve Cabinets
  • Fire Valve and Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Fire Cabinet Accessories
  • Access Doors
  • Detention Fire Cabinets
  • Buena Fire Cabinets
  • Dana Fire Cabinets
  • Loma Fire Cabinets
Hoses and Accessories
  • Rack Assembllies
  • Rack Assembly Accessories
  • Brass Hose Adapters
  • Hose Reels and Racks
  • Hose
  • Hose Couplings
Fire Extinguishers
  • Portable Dry Chemical Extinguishers
  • Wheeled Extinguishers
  • Extinguisher Mounting Brackets
  • Portable Specialty Dry Chemical Extinguishers
  • Halotron and Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers
  • Stored Pressure Extinguishers

Accurate Partitions

Basnight & Sons collaborates closely with ASI Accurate Partitions, a pioneer in the commercial bathroom partition industry since 1957. ASI Accurate Partitions offers an extensive range of material choices and mounting styles, empowering architects with the flexibility to deliver low life-cycle cost products for various building types without compromising on style. Their product offerings include European Style Privacy Partitions, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, solid plastic, solid phenolic, and plastic laminate options, all designed to meet or exceed specifications, ADA compliance, and LEED requirements. ASI Accurate Partitions continues to innovate with the introduction of Integrated Privacy™ Metal Partitions, offering aesthetic variety, robust styles, and enhanced privacy options for designers. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons facilitates access to ASI Accurate Partitions’ diverse lineup of bathroom partitions and accessories, enabling clients to enhance their spaces with functional, stylish, and customizable solutions backed by ASI Accurate Partitions’ expertise and commitment to quality.

  • Alpaco™ Classic Collection

  • Alpaco™ Elegance Collection

  • Integrated Privacy™ Stainless Steel
  • Solid Plastic (HDPE)
  • Integrated Privacy™ Powder Coated Steel
  • Plastic Laminate Moisture Guard™
  • Black Core Phenolic
  • Color-Thru™ Phenolic

Larsen’s Manufacturing company

Basnight & Sons collaborates with Larsen’s Manufacturing Company, a long-established provider serving the building construction and fire protection equipment industries since 1958. Larsen’s Manufacturing Company operates two manufacturing plants in the United States, located in Minnesota and Florida. Their comprehensive product line in the Fire Safety Industry is among the largest and most complete, making Larsen’s a trusted choice for customers worldwide. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons facilitates access to Larsen’s Manufacturing Company’s range of products, enabling clients to enhance their spaces with fire safety solutions backed by Larsen’s decades of industry experience and extensive product offerings.
Access Panels
  • L-APC
  • L-CPA
  • L-DPH
  • L-DPM
  • L-DWC
  • L-DWR
  • L-FRAP
  • L-LCP
  • L-MPG
  • L-MPSS
  • L-PSW
  • L-XT
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Recessed
  • Semi-Recessed
  • Trimless
  • Surface Mount
Fire Hose and Valve Cabinets
  • Architectural
  • Occult
  • Medallion

Scantron Products

Basnight & Sons maintains a distribution partnership with Scranton Products, a renowned manufacturer with over 30 years of expertise in HDPE toilet partitions and lockers. Scranton Products stands as an industry leader, crafting their products from premium, American-made, highly engineered materials that resist dents, scratches, corrosion, graffiti, and mildew. Investing in Scranton Products translates to peace of mind, as their offerings combine unmatched durability with a range of designer colors and textures, instilling confidence in every project. Additionally, Scranton Products has expanded its portfolio to include shower stalls, benches, dressing compartments, and vanity tops. Their products are distributed through one of the largest networks in the industry, serving both North American and international markets. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons provides access to Scranton Products’ comprehensive range of bathroom partitions and accessories, enabling clients to enhance their spaces with durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions backed by Scranton Products’ wealth of experience and commitment to quality.

High Privacy & Health Barriers
  • 83” for Extra Privacy
  • Option Overhead Bracing for Increased Structure
  • Rounded Edges
  • 1” Material
  • Naturally Germ Resistant
Dressing Room Partitions & Stalls
  • Mold, Mildew, & Odor Resistant
  • Dent, Scratch, & Graffiti Resistant
  • Easy To Clean
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Sustainable
Urinal Partitions & Privacy Screens
  • Floor Mounted Overhead Braced
  • Floor to Ceeiling
  • Floor Supported
  • Wall Mounted

JL Industries

Basnight & Sons collaborates closely with JL Industries, a legacy brand that has been dedicated to designing, testing, and manufacturing quality products since 1947. JL Industries offers extensive support to its distribution partners nationwide, facilitated by knowledgeable factory sales representatives who assist throughout the entire project lifecycle, from inception to closeout. They provide easy access to valuable resources such as specifications, BIM information, and product documentation directly on their website. JL Industries takes pride in its industry-wide reputation for excellence and reliability. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons enables access to JL Industries’ comprehensive range of bathroom partitions and accessories, allowing clients to enhance their spaces with dependable and well-supported solutions backed by JL Industries’ decades of experience and commitment to quality.
Fire Protection
  • Ambassador Series – Steel Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Academy Series – Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Cosmopolitan Series – Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Embassy Series – Trimless Fire Extinguisher, Valve and Hose Cabinet

  • Panorama Series – Frameless Acrylic Door Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Cavalier Series – Bronze or Brass Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Crownline Series – Fire Department Valve and Hose Cabinet

  • Clear Vu Series – Acrylic Bubble Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Security Series – Heavy Gauge Detention Cabinet

  • School Series – Rough Duty Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Royal Series – Fire Blanket Cabinet or Combination Extinguisher/Blanket Cabinet

  • ABS Series – Plastic Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Economyline Series -Surface-mounted Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Decorline Series – Cost-Effective Steel or Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Classic Series – Galvanneal or Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • Orbit Series – Low Profile Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • SMB Series – Surface Mount Steel Fire Extinguisher Cabinet with Bubble

  • Fire Hose Equipment Cabinet

  • SM Cabinet Series – Aluminum Economy Surface Mount Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

  • FB Series – Fiberglass Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Fire Extinguishers
  • Cosmic Series – Multi-Purpose ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

  • Galaxy Series – Regular BC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

  • Grenadier Extinguishers – Class A – Pressurized Water Fire Extinguisher

  • Mercury Series – ABC Halotron® Agent Fire Extinguisher

  • Nebula Series – Class AC Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

  • Orbit ABC Series – Multi-Purpose ABC Low Profile Fire Extinguisher

  • Orbit PK Series – Class BC Purple K Dry Chemical – Low Profile Fire Extinguisher

  • Purple K Series – Class BC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

  • Saturn Series – Class K Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

  • Sentinel Series – Class BC – Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Access Panels
  • TM Series – General Purpose Access Panel

  • FD Series – 1 to 3 Hour Insulated Access Panels

  • FD2 Series – 2 Hour Insulated Access Panels with Temp Rise Rating

  • Exterior Series – Weather-Resistant Exterior Access Panels

  • FD2D 2 Hour Insulated Double Leaf Access Panels with Temp Rise Rating

  • FD3 Series – 3 Hour Insulated Access Panels with Temp Rise Rating

  • STC Series – STC 65 Rated Access Panel

  • SP Series – 10 Gauge Detention and Security Access Panel

  • HSP Series – 7 Gauge Detention and Security Access Panel

  • FD2CI Series – 2 Hour Insulated Upward Opening – ASTM E119

  • FD2CT Series – 2 Hour Insulated With Recessed Door and Flange

  • FD2WI Series – 2 Hour Insulated Inward Opening

  • FD2L Series – 2 Hour Insulated Access Panel for Laundry or Garbage Chutes

  • CAP Series – Touch-Latch Access Panel for Ceilings

  • CT Series – Recessed Door Access Panel

  • AT Series – Gasketed Access Panel

  • SM Series – Surface Mount Access Panel

  • GF Series – Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum Access Panel

Knickerbocker Partition Corporation

Basnight & Sons collaborates with Knickerbocker Partition Corp., an esteemed manufacturer in the commercial restroom partition industry. Established in 1951, Knickerbocker Partition Corp. stands as one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of commercial restroom partitions globally. They have consistently led the industry in adopting new technology and innovative ideas, enabling them to provide unmatched speed and service to their customers. With over 70 years of leadership in the partition industry, Knickerbocker Partition Corp. specializes in crafting bathroom partitions, showers, urinal screens, and dressing rooms. Their compartments are furnished complete with quality hardware, reflecting their commitment to delivering comprehensive and reliable solutions. Through this partnership, Basnight & Sons facilitates access to Knickerbocker Partition Corp.’s extensive lineup of bathroom partitions and accessories, allowing clients to enhance their spaces with well-crafted, dependable, and fully furnished solutions backed by Knickerbocker Partition Corp.’s rich history and dedication to quality.

Bathroom Partitions
  • Metropolitan (Floor Mounted Headrail Braced) Style
  • New Yorker (Floor Mounted) Style
  • Empire (Ceiling Hung) Style
  • Gramercy (Floor to Ceiling Pilaster Supported) Style
  • Liberty (Total Privacy, No Sightline) Style
Urinal Screens
  • Concealed Latch
  • Structural Member
  • Leveling Device
  • Construction
  • Honeycomb Core
  • Anti-Grip Headrail

Koala Kare Products

Basnight & Sons maintains a distribution partnership with Koala Kare Products, a globally recognized brand specializing in baby changing stations and commercial childcare products. As a privately held company headquartered in Centennial, CO, Koala Kare Products operates as a division of Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. Their mission centers around assisting public establishments in equipping their facilities to meet the needs of caregivers and children. For over 30 years, Koala Kare Products has been the world’s leading provider of safe and innovative commercial childcare products. Through this collaboration, Basnight & Sons provides access to Koala Kare Products’ comprehensive range of baby changing stations and childcare accessories, enabling clients to create child-friendly spaces equipped with safe and innovative solutions backed by Koala Kare Products’ extensive expertise and commitment to quality.

Baby Changing Stations
  • KB300 Horizontal Surface-Mounted
  • KB300-SS Horizontal Surface-Mounted With Stainless Steel Veneer
  • KB301 Vertical Surface-Mounted
  • KB301-SS Vertical Surface-Mounted With Stainless Steel Veneer
  • KB311-SSWM Vertical Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted
  • KB311-SSRE Vertical Stainless Steel Recessed-Mounted
  • KB310-SSWM Horizontal Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted
  • KB310-SSRE Horizontal Stainless Steel Recessed-Mounted
  • KB208 Oval Wall Mounted
  • KB112-01RE Countertop Recess Mounted
  • KB112-01CT Countertop Surface Mounted
Special Needs Changing Station
  • Product has battery backup system to safely operate changing bed height in the event of a power interruption.
  • Unit has safety redundancy by being equipped with two chains for height adjustability.
  • Emergency stop feature to break power to actuator in an emergency
  • Unit has two sets of electronic controls located on face of wall cover and on the front of changing bed in open, down position for height adjustability: Electronically adjustable from 12” (300mm) to 41” (1041mm).
  • Front Safety Guard requires less than 5 lbs. of force and is a one-hand operation. Guard has a dip in top edge to facilitate caregiver reaching over guard to change patient. Guard will lock in raised position along front side of changing bed. Guard will rotate and lock under changing bed in stored position.
Child Seating
  • High Chairs
  • Booster Seats

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